KANN Side-Dump™
Structural Lightweight Steel Multi-Compartment Curbside Recycling Truck

KANN Side-Dump

The KANN Side-Dump's structural lightweight steel design combines manual curbside loading through easily height-adjustable loading doors into separate containers and simple and easy side-dump unloading. The low 20-inch above-frame loading height helps reduce operator loading efforts and ensures easy collection of each individual commodity. Separate independent containers eliminate any cross-contamination issues and guarantee each commodity will remain contamination-free. Unloading commodity from each individual compartment is done hydraulically with a KANN-manufactured 6,000 lb. rated scissor hoist. This scissor hoist can raise each compartment up to 45 inches above the frame for unloading into any standard roll-off container.

The KANN Side-Dump can be purchased in a variety of configurations with many options and features that will customize any curbside route. Some of the most popular of these options include: cart tippers, cardboard and plastic compactor compartments, and ship loose containers.

Side-Dump Key Features:
> Side-Dump containers mount to most standard chassis and trailers. One to five containers can be mounted on a chassis.
> The containers are built for one commodity but can be customized into two- and three-section split containers.
> Containers lift and tilt to dump independently, allowing you to dump on the ground or into a roll-off container.
> The Side-Dump truck and trailer can both be customized with plastics compactor, cardboard compactor, and cart tipper options.
> The KANN Side-Dump can be mounted on single-axle chassis.


KANN Side-Dump™: Containers lift and tilt to dump independently.

KANN Side-Dump™: Side Dump compactors can be mounted in front of both rear loader and side loader bodies.