KANN CoCollector®
Multi-Compartment Residential Front Loader

KANN CoCollector

The KANN CoCollector provides the most versatile and economical solution for multiple stream commodity collection applications.

Units are designed so that one operator can efficiently collect two separate commodities in one pass using one truck without leaving the truck cab. In fact, competitive route studies between the KANN CoCollector and other multi-compartment trucks shows that the CoCollector consistently turns in the fastest route times and, since there is only one operator, turns in the lowest cost per stop.

Another exclusive benefit to the KANN CoCollector is the patented adjustable horizontal drop floor that allows the compartment volumes to be changed quickly and independently to accommodate changes in routes or seasonable commodity changes. The large bottom compartment can accommodate solid waste, commingle or green waste and the upper compartment(s) can accommodate and keep separate any variety of other commodities.

Units are available in varying sizes and capacities with compaction rates of up to 750 lbs. per cubic yard.


KANN CoCollector®: Available in two- or three-compartment configurations

KANN CoCollector®: Patented horizontal drop floor with variable volume adjustable bulkhead(s)

KANN CoCollector®: Single- or dual-mounted cart tippers allow for quick and easy semi-automated cart unloading.

KANN CoCollector®: The large carry can allows the operator to collect more stops before the carry can gets filled up and needs to be dumped into the body's compacting hopper.