KANN Heavy-Duty Single-Compartment Rear Loader
High-Compaction Rear Loader for Commercial or Residential Collection of Refuse or Recycling

KANN HD Single-Compartment Rear Loader

The KANN Heavy-Duty Single-Compartment Rear Loader comes in 16, 18, 20, 25, 28 and 32 cu. yd. body sizes. The large 3.5 cu. yd. hopper will handle residential and commercial routes, collecting refuse or recyclables with a fast 15-second load cycle and a hopper reload time of less than 5 seconds. This loading quickness, combined with the sleek structural curved shell body design, and the small dimensional body profile 86 in. high by 96 in. wide, allows the KANN Rear Loader to combine both the quickness and durability needed in the tightest of locations with the ability to achieve loads of over 1,000 lbs./cu. yd. on average.

The KANN Heavy-Duty Single-Compartment Rear Loader can be equipped with an assortment of attachments, including cart tippers, cart grabbers, a commercial container locker, and commercial reeving cylinder with cable and hook. The KANN Rear Loader can also be equipped with a compacting or non-compacting container set in front of the rear packer body by using a KANN Side Dump or Trough Loader Container as needed for multiple stream collection.