KANN Residential Side Loader - Single Side Load Eject (SLES)
Single-Operator Trucks for Curbside Collection of Municipal Solid Waste

KANN Residential Single Side Loader Eject

The KANN Residential Single Side Load Eject is designed for collection of bag, bulk or carted residential solid waste. Residential refuse can be loaded fast and easy using the 1.8 cu. yd. trough or with the optional cart latch(es). The large 1.8 cu. yd. trough can easily fit up to fourteen 35-gallon garbage bags or up to six 64-gallon carts of bulk garbage.

The fast 12-second loading cycle and ability to dump into the compaction hopper without regard to the blade position provides for a fast and efficient truck. This load- and pack-on-the-go capability is made possible by an engineered follower cover that seals off the area behind the blade as it extends and retracts with the blade during the compaction cycle.

The KANN Residential Single Side Load Eject model is designed to compete against any residential rear loader, achieving payloads of over 1,000 lbs./yard, reducing the manpower requirements to only one operator and doing all this in at least the same amount of route time.

The KANN Residential Single Side Load Eject comes in body sizes of 18, 21, 23, 27, 30 and 32 cu. yd.